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Point of Sales

  • 3S POS
    3S POS offers a complete EPOS suite for all types of hospitality businesses. Feature-rich, 3S POS can be customised to fit specific business and operational requirements.
  • iiko
    iiko is 100% cloud, easy to deploy and scale for single and multi-store businesses. Over 30,000 businesses use iiko to automate every aspect of their operations.
  • iKentoo by LightSpeed
    iKentoo is an iPad and cloud Point of Sales system for restaurants and hoteliers. Acquired by Lightspeed, iKentoo will keep expanding to new international markets.
  • Kezia II / JDC
    Kezia II is a Point of Sales solution developed by JDC, a French market leader. Kezia II adapts to all types of businesses.

    Documentation in French.

  • MyOrderBox
    MyOrderBox is an affordable cloud based Point of Sales for takeaway and restaurants. MyOrderBox is easy to install and get hands on.
  • Nestor
    Nestor is a French Point of Sales solution designed for home delivery and takeaway restaurants.

    Documentation in French.

  • pointOne
    pointOne is a touch-screen Point of Sales simple to use. pointOne includes online ordering, kitchen screens, smart phone applications, reporting as well as stock control.
  • OrderLord POS
    OrderLord provides a Point of Sale combined with a Delivery Management solution, kitchen screens and advanced reporting.
  • PixelPoint (web API)
    PixelPoint by PAR, integrated via its Web API, is a Point of Sales solution for restaurants and entertainment industry sectors. PixelPoint is used for cost management, loss prevention and loyalty programs.

    Web API integration.

  • PixelPoint (Windows API)
    PixelPoint by PAR, integrated via its Windows API, is a Point of Sale solution for restaurants and entertainment industry sectors. PixelPoint is used for cost management, loss prevention and loyalty programs.

    Slowey Systems Windows API integration.

  • Zelty
    Zelty is a complete suite of solutions designed for multisite. Zelty is suitable for any type of restaurant from fast food to traditional catering.

    Documentation in French.

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Online Ordering

  • App4
    App4 offers a branded online ordering system, mobile app and associated applications for takeaways, restaurants, pubs, cafes and food outlets.

    Integration in progress.

  • LivePepper
    LivePepper is an online ordering solution for home delivery and takeaway restaurants. LivePepper is used by independent restaurants and large franchises based in France, in the UK and internationally.
  • nextSourcia
    nextSourcia creates e-commerce websites for retail stores. It offers also hosting services and specific development work.

    Documentation in French.

  • RestaJet
    RestaJet offers a mobile app for reservations and an online ordering website for restaurants. Content management, reporting and marketing tools are available on the RestaJet console.

    Integration in progress.

  • TastyCloud
    TastyCloud creates in and out store digital menus for restaurants and hotels. Their offer includes digital menus, outdoor menu display cases, dynamic screens, click and collect online ordering, and smartphone ordering via QR code scanning.

    Integration in progress.

  • Uber Eats
    Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform for local restaurants. End client can order food online or via an app.

    Integration in progress.

  • Y-Proximité
    Y-Proximité is a digital agency and online ordering software editor used by SMEs and smaller retail stores.

    Documentation in French.

Delivery Management

  • Captain
    Captain delivery management suite of solutions has been designed to support restaurant delivery through order management and live customer order tracking.
  • OrderLord
    OrderLord delivery management solution can be used by restaurants, retails or delivery services agencies. Orderlord includes a dashboard for managers, an app for couriers and a tracking system for customers.
  • Orkestro
    Orkestro is a delivery operations manager solution used to organise inhouse deliveries or outsource to delivery companies on-demand and on the same day.

Loyalty and Marketing

  • Como
    Como is a loyalty programme solution for retail and hospitality companies. Como gathers data about purchases and preferences to approach customers with personalised offers.

    Integration in progress.

  • Emma
    Emma is an email campaign platform with support available in email marketing strategy, content and design to help maximise your results.
  • MailChimp
    MailChimp all‑in‑one marketing platform from which customised emails and newsletters can be sent.
  • SailPlay
    SailPlay is a marketing automation platform that helps retailers to build loyalty programs and set mass and triggered email campaigns.
  • Service Management Group
    SMG combines technology and services to collect, analyse, and share feedback on data for brands to make decisions with insights across their enterprise.

Other Apps

  • Tick'N'Cook
    Tick'N'Cook is a kitchen display screen for independent restaurants and chains. Tick'N'Cook can be customised with estimated preparation time and specialised screens for bar, pastry or kitchen.
  • OrderLine
    OrderLine by HubRise centralises orders received from an e-commerce website and aggregators. Orders can be managed and printed.

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