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Aquila CMS by NextSourcia provides an e-commerce solution written from the ground up to meet NextSourcia customers needs. Their JavaScript solution is flexible, and facilitates customisation.

Aquila CMS allows businesses to:

  • Manage products with corresponding images for online sales.
  • Customise the appearance and branding of their ecommerce site.
  • Enable new features through plugins.
  • Track customers and their reviews to enhance service.

NextSourcia offers Aquila CMS as a hosted version, or as open source software that companies can install and manage themselves. New features can be added through licensed plugins, letting you tweak Aquila to best match your company's needs.

Integration Features

Connecting Aquila CMS to HubRise allows the online ordering solution to:

  • Push orders into HubRise.
  • Push customer information into HubRise.
  • Pull a catalog from HubRise.

Aquila CMS can be connected to HubRise from Aquila CMS back office.

Why Connect?

Connecting your Aquila site to HubRise provides an omnichannel advantage to your business. Customer information can be transferred to marketing and loyalty apps, orders submitted to the EPOS of your choice.

The connection between Aquila and HubRise synchronises customer information between the two systems. Product information can be pulled from HubRise and used to create new products in Aquila, or update product prices and names. Orders made in Aquila are pushed to HubRise. For more information, see the HubRise Overview.


To establish a connection between Aquila CMS and HubRise, you must have an Aquila CMS website and purchase the HubRise connection module.

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