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IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation available in French only.


MiiPos by Arcsoft is an EPOS solution available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It is designed to meet the needs of many types of businesses, including restaurants, bars, bakeries, hair dressers, grocery stores and food trucks.

This cash register, available in Chinese, is suitable for both independent businesses and franchises, thanks to its clear settings and large touch screen.

MiiPos offers many features to manage your business and assist you in making decisions. It includes stock, user and customer management tools and loyalty features. It helps with statistical sales analysis, calculation of margins and VAT rates. You can use it to export of all the data your accountant needs.

MiiPos differentiating features include:

  • Consistent and logical structure to ease your business management.
  • Complete sets of functional modules to meet all your needs.
  • Multi-platform availability, including Linux, to accommodate all your digital devices.
  • Cloud technology boost for more efficient data use and better remote management.
  • Optical protection interface concept for easy and secure use.

Certified with NF525, MiiPos complies with the 2018 French Anti-Fraud Act.

Integration Features

Connecting MiiPos to HubRise allows your EPOS to:

  • Pull orders from HubRise, including order status.
  • Pull customer information from HubRise.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Sending the MiiPos menu into a HubRise catalog will soon be possible. Contact MiiPos for more information on this matter.

MiiPos can be connected to HubRise via the MiiPos support line.

Why Connect?

By connecting MiiPos to HubRise, your EPOS can communicate with your other everyday applications. Receive orders from your online ordering solution, or food delivery platforms in your EPOS.

With HubRise, you can synchronise your menu, customer information, and orders between your EPOS, your online ordering solution, food delivery platforms (including Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat), delivery management solutions or delivery services, eMarketing solutions (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, inventory, and customer loyalty systems, and much more. The number of compatible applications increases every month. To discover the apps you can connect, visit our Apps page.


To establish a connection between MiiPos and HubRise, you must have an existing MiiPos account.

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