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IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation of this integration will be available soon.


OrderWire is a modern restaurant management system and Point of Sale application designed from the ground-up for the delivery world. 100% web-based, OrderWire supports many deployment configurations from the simple coffee-shops to multi-location chains. With OrderWire, delivery channels are first-class citizens, and via integration with HubRise, restaurants gain an end-to-end view of their sales and costs, including food cost and channel commission.

Ideally suited for ghost and cloud kitchen environments, multiple physical or virtual locations are fully supported.

Flexible web-based deployment and a generous free tier make getting started easy.

Core OrderWire features include:

  • Order input and payments for both on-premises and online channels.
  • Multi-location (traditional and ghost kitchen) support with optionally shared data.
  • Built-In Kitchen Display (KDS).
  • Dynamic order routing from all channels into kitchen displays.
  • Drag-and-drop menu builder.
  • Adjustable Pricelists to manage menu pricing.
  • Smart product definition with variants and multi-level options and modifiers.
  • Nutritional, allergen, and dietary tags.
  • Ingredient-level costing of product recipes.
  • Inventory management.
  • Easy online store setup, including menu and inventory synchronisation.
  • Custom notification events via SMS and email.
  • Support for leading printers, including Epson TM, Star MC, Citizen, and Fujitsu.

Integration Features

Connecting OrderWire to HubRise allows your EPOS to:

  • Pull orders from HubRise, including order status.
  • Pull customer information from HubRise.
  • Push a catalog into HubRise.
  • Synchronise inventory with HubRise.

OrderWire can be connected to HubRise from the OrderWire back office.

Why Connect?

By connecting OrderWire to HubRise, your EPOS can communicate with your other everyday applications. Receive orders from your online ordering solution, or food delivery platforms in your EPOS. Export your menu into other apps.

With HubRise, you can synchronise your menu, customer information, and orders between your EPOS, your online ordering solution, food delivery platforms (including Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat), delivery management solutions or delivery services, eMarketing solutions (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, inventory, and customer loyalty systems, and much more. The number of compatible applications increases every month. To discover the apps you can connect, visit our Apps page.


To establish a connection between OrderWire and HubRise, you must have an existing OrderWire account.

Category:Point of Sales
Availability:Ireland, United Kingdom and Thailand
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