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IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation available in French only.


For over 10 years, Melba by Foodmeup has been helping hundreds of food industry professionals in the daily management of their operations. Melba offers the following operations through an ergonomic user interface:

Inventory and order management

  • Order from your suppliers, send emails from the Melba user interface, and track price changes.
  • Monitor your inventory levels, conduct inventory checks, and analyse discrepancies.
  • Manage internal orders from all your procurement channels.

Recipe and production management

  • Maintain your knowledge with the technical data sheet management tool.
  • Optimise your food cost.
  • Schedule your production and facilitate dispatch operations.

Quoting and invoicing management, sales synchronisation

  • Generate quotes and invoices.
  • Calculate your actual margin.
  • Automatically deduct your inventory.

Traceability management

  • Supplier labels, secondary expiration date labels, INCO labels.
  • Allergen, food composition, and nutritional information calculation.
  • Oil and temperature measurements.
  • HACCP cleaning tasks.

In addition to its HubRise integration, Melba has an API that makes all the data accessible in read and write. This API helps to build advanced workflows and connect Melba to other tools.

Integration Features

Connecting Melba to HubRise allows your operations management solution to:

  • Pull orders from HubRise, including order status.
  • Pull a catalog from HubRise.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Inventory is not sent to HubRise, but this feature is planned in a future release. Contact Melba for more information.

Melba can be connected to HubRise from the Melba back office.

Why Connect?

By connecting Melba to HubRise, you can:

  • Feed the Melba catalogue to keep the data up to date.
  • Pull sales from cash registers and online solutions into Melba.
  • Keep inventory levels up to date.
  • Obtain advanced analyses by cross-referencing revenue with actual costs informed in Melba (product mix, margin in % and value, etc.).
  • Launch the production of ordered items.

With HubRise, you can synchronise your menu, customer information, and orders between your EPOS, your online ordering solution, food delivery platforms (including Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat), delivery management solutions or delivery services, eMarketing solutions (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, inventory, and customer loyalty systems, and much more. The number of compatible applications increases every month. To discover the apps you can connect, visit our Apps page.


To establish a connection between Melba and HubRise, you must have an existing Melba account.

Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
Melba by Foodmeup
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