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How Do I Create an Account for Another Business and Share Access?

If you are a software provider, a reseller or a consultant, you might want to create an account for your customer on HubRise to ease the connection process and save them time.

To create an account for another business:

  1. If you are already logged in to HubRise, log out or open a browser in incognito mode.
  2. Access the HubRise registration page.
  3. Enter the user details and click on Create account.
  4. Enter the business details of the Account and the first associated Location, then click Create.
  5. Navigate to SETTINGS > Permissions section.
  6. To keep access to the account you just created, include your HubRise user profile email, change the role to Manager and click the plus icon Plus icon.
  7. To prompt the user to enter their own secure password, go to the password reset page.
  8. Enter the email address for the new user and click Reset Password. The user will receive an email with instructions on entering their own password.
  9. Logout as the newly created user, then login as your actual user profile. You will have access to the account for support purposes.

It is recommended send the business a follow up email to notify them about the Account creation. This email can be formulated as follows :

Hi [Business Contact Name],

I just created your HubRise account, to login:

Regards, [Your Name]

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