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How Do I Check if the Connection Between My System and HubRise Is Working?

There are a few different ways of verifying that the connection between your system or app to HubRise is working properly. The first step for all of these recommendations is to log in to HubRise through the HubRise Login page.

Check the Orders Coming In

If orders are being made in a connected app, they can be viewed in HubRise through the following process:

  1. Click ORDERS.
  2. If you have access to multiple Accounts, select the Account you need to see.
  3. To see all Orders going through the Account, verify All locations is selected. You could select the location you want to view from the Location list to narrow the search down.
  4. If transactions are coming through you will see them here. Orders are displayed in reverse chronological order.

For more details, see Orders.

View the App Activity

Each app displays the most recent activity as a graph. To check the activity for a specific app:

  2. For the specific App, click Actions > View activity.

For more information, see View Connection Activity.

View the App Logs

Apps connected to HubRise provide logs that help display the most recent requests, and the details behind it. To view an App's log files:

  2. For the specific App, click Actions > View logs.

For more information, view View Connection Logs

Still Need Help?

HubRise provides several different resources to help you.

  • Check out the HubRise Integrated Apps page to find the documentation for the specific app you are trying to connect to HubRise.
  • The HubRise API Reference page is a handy place for developers to learn how to connect their products and the HubRise platform.
  • If you still need assistance, contact HubRise at so we can help resolve your questions.
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