Permissions lists the users, their email address, and role. The role refers to the list of actions the user is able to take. HubRise supports the following roles:

  • Admin: Admins have access to all areas of HubRise, including invoice. They are responsible for keeping the payment information up to date. They will receive invoices by email when a payment is made or notifications regarding HubRise pending payments. They can also grant access to other users.
  • Manager: Managers have access to all areas except HubRise invoices. They will not receive notifications emails on outstanding payments to HubRise.

You can add or remove users for the HubRise Account, or for specific Locations. To view and update the permissions for a Location:

  1. SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > Locations.
  2. For users with multiple Accounts, select the Account containing the specific Location.
  3. Click the Location to modify.

You can also view and edit your own permissions from SETTINGS > PROFILE. For more information, see Profile and Password.

Add a User

Admins can grant access to other users provided they have an existing profile on HubRise. New HubRise users can create a profile in the HubRise signup page. If you create a new profile on someone else's behalf, use the HubRise Reset password page to have the user enter their own secure password.

To add a user:

  1. To grant access for the Account and all of its Locations, select SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS. Admins with multiple Accounts, select the Account to modify. To grant access only for a specific Location, select the location's name in the Locations section.
  2. In the Permissions section, select Add.
  3. Enter the user's email address in the column marked EMAIL.
  4. In the ROLE column, set the new user's role as Admin or Manager.
  5. Click the plus icon
    Plus icon
    to add the new user.

Remove a User

To remove a user:

  1. Click the remove icon
    Trash icon
    for the user to remove.
  2. When prompted, click Delete to confirm removing the user.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An account cannot be left without Admin. Before you remove your user profile from an Account make sure there is an Admin user with permissions. If not, you can change permissions of an existing user or give Admin permissions to