Credit card payments can be set and tracked in the SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > Payment section. Accounts with paid plans must have a credit card set as the payment method, or else the plan will not be processed. All payments will be debited in EUR, even if the Account currency setting is different.

Account or Location Payment

For Accounts with multiple Locations, we recommend you set the Account to pay for all plans. It means one payment method to update and one invoice to manage for all your Locations.

Locations can be set to their own payment method rather than using the Account. This may be required for specific billing purposes or other business needs.

To change whether your Location uses your HubRise Account payment method, or whether the Location will use a separate payment method, follow these steps:

  2. For users with multiple Accounts, select the Account containing the specific Location.
  3. Click the Location to update.
  4. Under Payment:
    1. To set a location that uses its own payment method to use the same payment method as its Account, click Make the account pay for the subscription.
    2. If the location uses the same payment method as the Account and you want it to have a separate payment method, click click Make the location pay for it.

Add a Payment Method

To add a payment method for an Account or Location:

  • To update the payment method for an Account, select the Account and scroll down to the Payment section.
  • To update the payment method for a Location, select the Account, then select the Location, and scroll down to the Payment section.
  1. If there is no existing payment method, click Add payment method. If there is a previously set method, click Change your payment method.
  2. Enter your credit card information. Credit cards must be valid to be accepted.
  3. When finished, click Save.

Process Pending Quotes

When a plan has been changed, the payment must be authorized before the credit card can be charged. Admin users will receive notifications reminding them to complete the payment process. For more information on notifications, see Usage Plans.

To process a payment from the notification:

  1. Make sure a credit card is saved on your Account or Location. If not, see the instructions in Add a Payment Method.
  2. Click View the earliest quote link, then click Pay. To check on all unpaid quotes, click check your account from the notification.

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Payment History

Payments made to HubRise are listed in the SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > Payment > Payment history link. Payments are listed in reverse historical order, with the most recent payments displayed first.

Select Payment history to display all payments made for the selected HubRise Account or Location. Each payment will display:

  • Date: The date the payment was made.
  • Amount excl. VAT: The amount of the payment excluding value-added tax (VAT). HubRise being headquartered in France, VAT only applies to companies based in France.
  • Description: The purpose of the charge.
  • Payment Method: The specific payment method used for this charge.

Admin users receive invoices via email. The invoice can also be saved as a PDF file by selecting the download icon

Download icon

Invoice example

Payment history for Accounts will group Location payments for the date.

Payment history example

The payment history for locations will display invoices paid by the Account and all of its Locations.

The first time you make a payment to a plan the payment is listed as an upgrade. Subsequent payments will be listed for the date of the plan period. Once you have a valid payment method saved, plans are billed automatically.