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Manage Orders

Manage Orders

OrderLine users can change the statuses flow to manage orders in the way that best suits the business. This section describes the default status flow to accept, or print the order receipt by selecting the corresponding button. To customise this flow, see Order Status Flow.

Receive Orders

Upon order receipt, OrderLine displays it under the Today's Orders or Future Orders tab, based on the delivery date.

OrderLine can also emit a sound notification to inform you of new orders. To configure sound notifications, go to the Settings page and open the Notifications tab. For more information, see Notifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Browsers may block sound notifications. To keep them permanently enabled, follow the instructions in the FAQ How Do I Keep Sound Notifications Enabled.

On first connection, OrderLine synchronises all orders from the past 30 days.

OrderLine Order displays

View Order

To view the order details, click on the order card. To close it, click the close icon OrderLine Close icon or anywhere outside the card.

Order cards display all the details needed to process the order, including the following:

  • Client address. A View in Google Maps link will be displayed if the online ordering solutions sends the GPS coordinates to HubRise.
  • Order creation date and time.
  • Expected date and time for delivery or collection requested by the customer.
  • Confirmed date and time, which initially matches the expected time, until an OrderLine user updates it to the actual delivery time.
  • Order type, indicating processing mode: DELIVERY, COLLECTION or EAT-IN.
  • List of products to prepare, including customer notes if any.
  • Current order status. Users can update the status for an order, or print the order receipt by selecting the corresponding button.

OrderLine Order Card Details

Update Order's Status

To update an order's status, open the order card and choose the appropriate status button.

Depending on your OrderLine configuration, you may have the option to add extra details during specific status updates. To adjust the configuration, see Additional Data Prompt. These prompts can be useful in certain situations, such as:

  • Providing an optional Message for the customer when marking an order as Cancelled, to justify the cancellation.
  • Specifying a Confirmed time for delivery, when an order is marked as Accepted but cannot be delivered at the expected time. If no Confirmed time is specified, the initial expected delivery time will be used.

To modify the delivery time or add a message for your client, click on the pen icon beside the status button. After making your adjustments, click the status button to confirm.

Status flow example

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your online ordering system must support delivery time updates and messaging for additional data prompts to be taken into account.

Certain status updates, such as marking an order as Completed, might cause the order to disappear from the Today's Orders tab, depending on your OrderLine configuration. To view it again, click VIEW on the hidden orders card, or select the Order History tab. To adjust the hidden statuses, see Hide Orders.

OrderLine Hidden Orders Card

OrderLine supports printing on any printer recognised by your web browser via the system's print dialog.

To print an order receipt, follow these steps:

  1. Open the order card.
  2. Click PRINT.
  3. Follow the instructions on the browser print dialog.


Receipts are presented into sections for readability with a solid line starting and ending each section, mirroring the order card's information. For more information on order cards, see View Order.

Receipts include the following information:

  • Payment method.
  • Delivery address, comments, and GPS coordinates (if supplied by the online ordering solution).
  • Expected date and time.
  • Confirmed date and time will only be displayed if it differs from the expected delivery time.
  • Deal names followed by the associated products.
  • Ordered products, grouped with any included additions or exclusions. Standard options that were removed are struck out.
  • Order number reference.

OrderLine Order Receipt Example

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