Profile and Password

The profile page on SETTINGS > PROFILE displays your user information, and allows you to update it or change your password.

To update your user profile:

  1. Click Modify.
  2. Update your name, email address, or correspondence language. The Correspondence Language sets all communications (emails, etc) from HubRise to you as the specified language.
  3. Select Update.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When changing your email address, verify that it is accurate and able to receive emails. Otherwise password resets and other notifications will not work.

HubRise User Profile

To update your password:

  2. Enter your current password in the Current password field.
  3. Enter your new password in New password and Confirm new password fields. Both fields must match.
  4. Click Update.

HubRise Change password

The Profile page includes information on your Permissions. This includes:

  • The Account and Location that you have access to.
  • The Role you have been assigned for the Account or Location.

To remove your granted permission to an Account, select the trash icon

Trash icon

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot remove yourself from an Account if you are the last Admin. If you attempt to do so, an error message will be displayed. If you need to remove yourself as the last Admin for an Account, create another user as an Admin for that Account, then remove yourself.

For more information, see Permissions.

To create a new Account from the Profile page, select Create Account. For more information see Create an Account.

HubRise My Permissions

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