Pull Orders

HubRise can pull orders from your Lightspeed Restaurant EPOS as soon as they are paid for.

This page explains how to enable this feature and what information is sent to HubRise.

Enable Pull Orders

To start pulling Lightspeed orders into HubRise, you need to enable the feature by following these steps:

  1. Open Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge.
  2. Click the arrow
    Arrow icon
    in the top right corner of the page to expand the menu, then click Configuration.
  3. From the Pull orders from Lightspeed section, select the Enabled for dine-in sales or Enabled for all paid sales option, depending on your needs.
  4. Click Save to confirm.

Enable the feature to pull local Lightspeed orders to HubRise from the configuration page of Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge

Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge fetches new orders every 30 seconds. There can be a delay of up to 30 seconds between the time an order is paid for and the time it appears in HubRise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only paid sales are pulled into HubRise.

Information Received in HubRise

The following sections describe which information about Lightspeed orders is received in HubRise.

Items and Options

Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge receives the complete information about items and options, including name, EPOS ref code, quantity, and price.

Information about the course number is not received in HubRise.

Order Statuses

Orders are created in HubRise with the default status accepted.


Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge receives the complete information about the payment in a local order, including name, EPOS ref code, and amount.

Service Types

Dine-in sales in Lightspeed are created in HubRise as eat-in orders, while take-away sales are created as collection orders. There is no way to differentiate between take-away and delivery orders.

Additional Information

Lightspeed Restaurant Bridge receives additional information about the order, such as the table number and the time the order was paid for.

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