Map Ref Codes

Once your App4 website is connected with HubRise, customer and order information are pushed into HubRise automatically.

For orders to be processed in your EPOS, ref codes are required for each item in the menu, including product variants, toppings and options as well as ingredients, product sizes and deals. Your App4 menu can be imported from a HubRise catalog to ensure that these codes are included.

In some cases, the EPOS will also require codes for payment methods, service types and delivery charges to understand some of the App4 functionalities. Always refer to your EPOS documentation on the HubRise website for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: App4 and HubRise have their own vocabulary, and may refer to the same things by different names. For example, the menu in App4 is a catalog in HubRise. For more information on the terms and definitions used between these two platforms, see HubRise Definitions vs App4 Definitions.

Catalog Import

You can import a HubRise Catalog into your App4 menu. When you do this, the following data is imported:

  • Category and product names.
  • Product and category assignments. (For example, if you have a Category for Beverages, and a product called Coffee in a HubRise Category, this import will assign Coffee into the Beverages Category).
  • Images.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not create new categories and products in App4. As of this time, this will only update existing categories and products.

To import a HubRise Catalog, contact App4 support and ask them to take the following steps:

  1. Connect to the App4 back office.
  2. Click HubRise Settings.
  3. For the restaurant to sync, select Sync Systems.
  4. Tick the options you need:
    • Move existing products into the imported categories: reset the categories of existing menu items back to how they are set in HubRise.
    • Update the product names: update product names of existing menu items to HubRise names.
    • Update imported category names: same as above, for category names.
    • Update existing images: replace existing menu items images with HubRise images.
  5. Click Import to update the restaurant's App4 menu.

Product Mapping

Deals & Discounts Mapping

Payment Methods Mapping

Service Types Mapping

Currently not supported by the integration.

Charges Mapping

Discounts Mapping