App4 is an online ordering system that lets restaurant customers place orders from their browser, from an app, or from their table. It provides a host of benefits to restaurants such as loyalty programs and table booking.

From the back office, restaurants can manage multiple aspects of their business: editing the restaurant's menu and delivery options, launch marketing operations and ensure they are paying off thanks to reports.

Integration Features

Connecting App4 to HubRise allows the online ordering solution to:

  • Push orders into HubRise, including order status.
  • Push customer information into HubRise.
  • Pull the menu from a HubRise catalog.

App4 can be connected to HubRise via the App4 support line.

Why Connect?

Connecting App4 to HubRise allows your online ordering solution to communicate with other applications you use every day.

Via HubRise, synchronise your menu, your customer and order information with EPOS solutions, delivery management, delivery services, eMarketing (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, stock management, loyalty systems, and more. The number of compatible applications increases every month. To see which apps you can connect, see our Apps page


To establish a connection between App4 and HubRise, you must have an existing App4 site.

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  • Availability: United Kingdom
  • Category: Online Ordering
  • Contact: / +44 1332 742511
  • Price range: From £40 per week
  • Website:
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