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HubRise Speeds Up Digital Transition for Retailers and Restaurateurs Post-COVID

Posted on 13/11/2021 by Janaina Wittner
HubRise Speeds Up Digital Transition for Retailers and Restaurateurs Post-COVID

Forced to accelerate their digital transformation during the crisis, merchants and restaurateurs aare now using an increasing number of applications. As they reopen, it is crucial to optimise operations to avoid multiple screens, manual data entry, imports/exports, and copy/pasting. HubRise, an innovation born in Sophia-Antipolis, meets this challenge by easily connecting more than 70 third-party applications, offering merchants a digital environment and tools previously reserved for large market players only.

Retail and Restaurant Businesses Must Adapt to a More Digitalised, Connected "Post-COVID" World

Faced with the crisis-imposed restrictions, the retail and hospitality sectors have massively turned to digital solutions in the last 12 months (online ordering, click & collect, drive-through, home delivery, etc.). As a result, e-commerce now accounts for 13.4% of retail trade, up from 9.8% in 2019 (source Fevad).

This digitalisation has allowed merchants to continue generating revenue during the crisis, but it also requires them to find solutions to streamline and optimise operations. How to avoid manual data entry across multiple screens, copy/pasting, or importing/exporting from one solution or file to another? HubRise, a Sophipolitan innovation, addresses this challenge by facilitating third-party solution integrations.

HubRise's Vision is a World Where All Software Can Be Connected

HubRise is a middleware that simplifies technical integrations between third-party solutions by moving data to the cloud and standardising its format.

Antoine Monnier, founder and director of HubRise, explains:

To connect two applications - such as an EPOS with an online ordering solution - used to require "one to one" integrations, which cost developers several weeks of work and companies thousands of euros. Now, softare editors can integrate once with HubRise to join a whole ecosystem of already connected applications.

By enabling merchants to connect third-party applications, HubRise turns complex and disparate IT and technological environments into simple and uniform ones, a privilege once reserved for large organisations with their own internal IT departments only. HubRise currently connects over 70 applications and hopes to increase this to 150 within 18 months.

An Ecosystem at a Fair and Accessible Price, Open to All Developers

Florists, clothing stores, pharmacies, bakeries, and restaurants are now turning to the HubRise solution. For a very accessible price of 25€ excl. VAT per month and per location, these businesses benefit from facilitated integrations with all the solutions already integrated into the HubRise hub, including online ordering, loyalty and marketing, management and inventory, delivery management, and home delivery solutions or last mile delivery services.

One of HubRise's distinctions is being an open solution. With detailed technical documentation available online, software editors and developers can connect to its ecosystem for free. Like open-source software, this model allows HubRise to attract publishers and developers without significant sales effort, thus ensuring the rapid growth of its ecosystem for the benefit of its users.

Software Integration Brings Concrete Benefits to Merchants

While HubRise works behind the scenes, it enables merchants to enjoy concrete benefits and considerable productivity gains:

  • Streamlined operation: all orders are centralised on a single screen, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Freedom to choose solutions they want to use: merchants can easily adopt new applications (pay at the table, QR code table ordering, etc.) and keep up with market trends.
  • Time savings for managers: no more manual imports/exports and end of day "hand" consolidations.

These benefits ultimately translate into improved profitability. HubRise's clients include restaurant brands like 911 Pizza, Cosmo Sushi, Kajirō Sushi, as well as Pizza Hut and Papa John's to name the larger market players.

About HubRise

HubRise simplifies integration between the software solutions used by restaurateurs and retailers, such as online ordering websites, EPOS, delivery management solutions or last mile delivery services, loyalty management solutions, table ordering, pay at the table solutions.

The innovation brought by HubRise is to centralise data and make it accessible to third-party applications through a secure API. Like an airport hub, HubRise transfers data between solutions not directly connected to one another, thus multiplying possible combinations. Applications connected to HubRise share real-time products, customer, orders, loyalty, inventory, and other data.

HubRise is particularly interesting for:

  • Software editors, who gain access to many integrations without significant development effort.
  • And retail and restaurants, who can connect applications they use and thus improve productivity, a privilege once reserved for major industry players with internal IT departments.

HubRise is a French company located in Sophia Antipolis, a technology park on the French Riviera, and supported by Telecom Paris Eurecom Entrepreneurs.

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