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Can I Turn Off the Orderpad?

Just Eat Orderpad must remain switched on to receive orders, even after you connect your store to HubRise. If you switch off your Orderpad, orders will not appear in your HubRise account.

After you connect your store to HubRise, you can continue to manage your incoming orders from your Orderpad, or use your connected EPOS instead.

Manage Orders From Your EPOS

Once you accept an order in the Orderpad, you will see it in the connected EPOS, and you can manage it from there.

If you want to manage orders directly from your connected EPOS without interation with the Orderpad, you can request the Just Eat team to enable Auto-Accept for your store. For more information on Auto-Accept and its availability across different Just Eat markets, see how to enable Auto-Accept.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even with Auto-Accept activated, the Orderpad needs to remain switched on to keep the store open.

Manage Orders With Orderpad

When Orderpad is on and an order arrives, you will hear a beep until you accept the order. When you press the Accept button, you change the status of the order to Accepted. From Orderpad, you can also change the status to Prepared.

By default, when you accept an order, a ticket is printed automatically. However, you can also configure your Orderpad to print orders when they reach the following statuses: Time to start cooking the order, or Accepted and time to cook. If you want to print an order again, use the Print receipt option for the corresponding order.

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