A Catalog is simply a container for your products and their associated details. Catalogs are stored in HubRise and managed using Catalog Manager.

Create a Catalog

You can create a catalog from the SETTINGS page in your HubRise back office. For more information, refer to the HubRise Help page Add Catalog.

To create a catalog using Catalog Manager instead, go to CONNECTIONS, find the Catalog Manager app and click on Open.

Catalog Manager Connections

In Catalog Manager, click on New catalog and enter a name. Once the new catalog has been created you can add categories, products, options, deals, discounts and charges. For more information, see Manage Products.

Catalog Actions

You can Rename, Duplicate an existing catalog or Delete existing catalogs using the Catalog Manager Actions dropdown.

Catalog Manager Catalog list

Populate a Catalog from Another App

There are two ways to populate your catalogs on HubRise.

You can populate it using the Catalog Manager app. For more information, see Manage Products.

You can also push a product catalog or menu into a HubRise catalog using an EPOS, an online ordering solution, a food ordering platform or any other app connected to your HubRise account. To find out if the app you want to use integrated the catalog push feature, refer to your app documentation on the HubRise website Apps page. After a push, you might in some cases, need to rearrange or augment the details for your product items by adding photos or more detailed descriptions using Catalog Manager.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A catalogs can be associated with apps connected to your HubRise account. Pushing a product catalog from your EPOS or other app into a HubRise catalog will populate an empty catalog or replace all the items in the existing catalog. Some apps will push updates automatically with every menu update.

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