Connect to HubRise

Before connecting PixelPoint to HubRise, contact your local PAR PixelPoint reseller, and ask them to:

  1. Install and configure PixelPoint's EOI (External Order Interface).

  2. Provide an API token. This should be a 16-character string, containing digits and capital letters.

Once you have installed PixelPoint's EOI and with your API token in hand, you can connect PixelPoint to your HubRise location:

  1. Open your HubRise back office, click the down arrow

    Down arrow icon
    next to Location to select the location you want to connect. For help, check the HubRise User Guide > Accounts and Locations.

  2. Select CONNECTIONS > View available apps.

  3. Select PixelPoint Bridge from the list of apps.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Allow PixelPoint permission to access your location registered in HubRise. For accounts with multiple locations, expand the Choose location section to select the correct one and click on Allow. If you have multiple customer lists, you will also be prompted to confirm the one you wish to use.

  6. You will be redirected to the PixelPoint Bridge user interface. The first time you connect, the Configuration page will appear:

    • In the API token field, enter your unique API token prefixed by YT6eR2-, which is the HubRise vendor identifier. For example, if your API token is CEED65AD33823A5B, you should enter YT6eR2-CEED65AD33823A5B in the field.
    • Leave Debug mode unselected.
    • Click Save.
  7. You have now connected PixelPoint to your HubRise location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PixelPoint Bridge does not check the validity of the API token. Make sure to include the HubRise vendor identifier before submitting the form. If you have entered an incorrect token, reset the configuration and try again.

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