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The configuration page allows you to customise the behaviour of Shopify Bridge based on your preferences. These are divided into different sections for an easier navigation.

Shopify Bridge configuration page


Select the Enable automatic catalog push checkbox to synchronise your HubRise catalog with Shopify whenever it gets updated.

Only new products added to the HubRise catalog will be sent to Shopify. Any existing products within Shopify will remain unchanged.

Order Statuses

In this section, you can customise how to map order status changes in HubRise back to Shopify. To ignore an order status change in HubRise, select Do nothing.

Save the Configuration

To save the configuration, click Save at the top of the page.

Reset the Configuration

If you need to reset the configuration, click Reset the configuration at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Resetting the configuration will instantly disconnect the bridge from Shopify.

Resetting the configuration does not delete the operation logs displayed in the main page.

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