Just Eat Terms

The following table explains the terms that are specific to Just Eat Flyt.

OrderpadJust Eat's official app to manage incoming orders.
ScooberJust Eat delivery service.

Correspondence Table

HubRise and Just Eat Flyt each use their own terminology. The same concept can therefore have a different designation in each solution. The correspondence table below shows these differences.

Just Eat FlytHubRiseDescription
RestaurantLocationThe actual restaurant.
MenuCatalogList of products.

Service Types

Just Eat Flyt offers three types of services to its customers:

  • Platform delivery: Just Eat dispatches a driver to collect the order from the restaurant. Available in a limited number of markets and cities.
  • Restaurant delivery: The restaurant is responsible for delivering the order.
  • Takeaway: The customer collects the order from the restaurant.
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