Getting Started

HubRise is accessed through a web browser. You can use HubRise on any device: your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Create a User Profile

You must be a registered user to connect to HubRise. Registration is free, and only takes a minute. All you need is a name, email address, and secure password. Visit the HubRise Registration page to create a new user profile.

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Log In

Registered users can log in to HubRise directly from the HubRise Login page or the HubRise home page. Enter your email address and password, then click Login.

HubRise Login Screen

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Resetting Lost Password

If you are a registered user but you have lost or forgotten your password, go to the HubRise Reset password page. Enter the email address associated with your HubRise profile, and click Reset Password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Once complete, you will be able to log in again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see the password reset instructions in your email's Inbox folder within a few minutes, refresh your Inbox and check your Spam or Trash folders.

Reset password screen

Accounts and Locations

An Account identifies your brand. Locations refers to the point of sales within this brand, they typically correspond to physical outlets.

A small business may have one Account with one Location, while a larger business may have one Account with multiple Locations tied to the same Account.

Accounts and Locations example

If you want to get an overall view of an Account's performance, select all Locations. If you want to narrow results to one Location within an Account, select the Account then the corresponding Location.

  • For users with multiple Accounts, click the down arrow
    Down arrow icon
    next to Account and select the Account to display.
  • To display data on all Locations or for a specific Location, click the down arrow
    Down arrow icon
    next to Location and select either All locations or the specific location.

For more information on Account, see Accounts. For more information on Locations, see Locations.

Set Language Preference

Users can set the language for their HubRise session by clicking the down arrow

Down arrow icon
next to your name in the upper right hand corner, and selecting your preferred language.

You can also set your preferred language for all communications from HubRise (such as emails, etc) in the SETTINGS. For more information see Profile and Password.

Access Account Settings

Your HubRise user profile may be connected to multiple Accounts and locations based on permissions. For more information, see Accounts and Locations.

You can view the settings for the HubRise Account you are working in by selecting the down arrow

Down arrow icon
next to your name in the upper right hand corner, and click Account. You can also access all of your Accounts by selecting SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS from the left navigation panel.


By default users stay connected to HubRise until they have manually logged out of their session, or have gone six months without any activity.

To log out of HubRise, click the down arrow

Down arrow icon
next to your name in the upper right hand corner, then select Log out.