What App Can I Connect to HubRise?

HubRise supports an ever growing number of applications. The HubRise App Store is available from within HubRise through the following steps:

  1. Log in to HubRise through the HubRise Login page. Don't have a user profile yet? You can create one for free with just your name, email address, and a secure password at the HubRise registration page.
  2. Click CONNECTIONS, then View available apps.
  3. Select the app to connect to your HubRise Account. Each app has instructions on how to connect to your Account or Location.

Apps are connected either with a HubRise Account or Location depending on the app. Typically, EPOS or Online Ordering System will connect to a Location, while marketing solutions connect to either the Account or Locations.

Note that some apps can be connected directly from within HubRise, while others require configuration from within the app before connection. See the app documentation for complete details.

Some apps can be connected at the Account level, while others require a connection to the specific Location. A message will display indicating which is required.