My Lemonade is a table ordering solution. Customers flash the QR code or use the NFC tag placed on their table to access the menu on their smartphone and order. Customer can choose to pay directly on the app or with the waiter. The menu displays in the customer's language and there is nothing to install.

My Lemonade also offers a web back office to update the menu of your restaurant, set promotional periods, edit your settings, and use features like room management, service activation, and presence validation to limit the risk of no-shows and abusive orders.

A Kitchen Display Screen is available to restaurants without EPOS integration to receive orders and update product availabilities.

Integration Features

Connecting My Lemonade to HubRise allows My Lemonade to:

  • Push orders into HubRise.
  • Pull order status from HubRise into My Lemonade.
  • Push customer information into HubRise.
  • Push the menu into a HubRise catalog.
  • Pull a product catalog from HubRise.

Why Connect?

My Lemonade can be connected to HubRise for your website and other apps you use every day to work as a cohesive whole. It could be your EPOS, your Kitchen Display Screen or your preferred marketing solution. Connecting with HubRise allows you to sync your product catalog, your customer and order information. For more information on HubRise, see the HubRise User Guide.


To establish a connection between My Lemonade and HubRise, you must have an account on both apps.

  • Category: Online ordering
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price range: €19-€49 / month
  • Website:
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