Verify Product Mapping

To verify that all LivePepper menu items have had an EPOS code assigned, select Maintenance > Custom Actions menu from the left navigation panel. One of the reports displayed is Missing POS codes. It shows all products, deals and related attributes that do not have EPOS ref codes assigned.

Missing EPOS ref codes for payment methods, service type and delivery charges will not be reported here as these depend on the EPOS you are connecting with.

Verify the Connection to HubRise

Verifying your connection between LivePepper and HubRise involves tracking the path between orders to HubRise through the following steps:

  1. Create test orders in LivePepper.
  2. Verify the test orders in LivePepper.
  3. View test orders transmitted to HubRise.

Create Test Orders in LivePepper

The first step in verifying the connection between LivePepper and HubRise is by creating test orders.

These steps require that you have already connected LivePepper to HubRise. For more information on connecting LivePepper to HubRise, see Connect to HubRise.

Once the connection is complete, test orders generated from LivePepper will be transmitted to HubRise. Follow this process to create a test order and verify it has been transmitted to HubRise.

  1. Log in to your LivePepper back office.
  2. Select View your website from the top of the page. This will open your Livepepper site in another browser tab or window.
  3. Generate an order.
  4. Return to LivePepper, and from the left navigation panel click Orders. The new order will be present.

View Test Orders Transmitted to HubRise

With the test order created in LivePepper, the next step is to verify that the order was transmitted to HubRise through the following steps:

  1. Log in to your HubRise account. This can be done from your LivePepper back office by selecting Settings > Add-ons, then click Go to your HubRise account.
  2. If prompted, log in to your HubRise user account.
  3. From HubRise, click Data > Orders. The new Order will be displayed.
  4. Click the new Order to verify the customer and order information is accurate.
  5. The Logs section will contain the detailed JSON records of the communication between LivePepper and HubRise. For more information on how to read these logs, see Understanding Logs in HubRise.

LivePepper Support

The LivePepper support team can be contacted at for issues with the configuration of the online ordering system.