How Do I Connect Multiple LivePepper Branches to HubRise Locations ?

To connect your LivePepper site multiple branches to the corresponding HubRise account and locations:

  1. Log in to your LivePepper back office.
  2. Select the branch to connect.
  3. Select Settings > Add-ons.
  4. Under HubRise, click the checkbox Share data with other applications.
  5. Click Connect to HubRise.
  6. For existing HubRise user profiles with established Accounts and Locations, if prompted log in to HubRise, then:
  • Select the HubRise Account and Location to connect your LivePepper Branch to, then click Allow. If you have created multiple customer lists or catalogs on HubRise, you will be promoted to click Next then select from the Customer List or the Catalog to connect your Branch to.

  • If the corresponding HubRise Account and Location is not available, select Create a new location to connect your LivePepper Branch to a new HubRise Location. If you select this method, fill-in the required fields to create the new location, then Allow LivePepper to connect.

Repeat the steps above for each LivePepper branch to connect.