Connect to HubRise

The instructions below detail how to connect a LivePepper site to a new HubRise account as this is the most common scenario.

For instructions on how to connect a multisite, or on how to connect a site to an existing HubRise account, see the FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both LivePepper and HubRise have their own vocabulary, and may refer to the same things by different names. For example, the branch in LivePepper is a location in HubRise. For more information on the terms and definitions used between these two platforms, see HubRise Definitions vs LivePepper Definitions.

To connect a single LivePepper site with a new HubRise Account:

  1. Log in to your LivePepper back office.
  2. Select Settings > Add-ons.
  3. Under HubRise, click the checkbox Share data with other applications.
  4. Click Connect to HubRise.
  5. When the HubRise login page is presented, click No account yet?
  6. The Account Name will be automatically copied from LivePepper. Enter the required information and click Create account. HubRise will automatically start the Account creation process.
  7. To complete this process, and create your location enter the required information and click Create. This HubRise Account and Location will be created.
  8. LivePepper will require access to the new HubRise Account and Location. Click Allow
  9. The connection between your LivePepper site and your new HubRise Account will be complete.