Connect to HubRise


To establish the connection, iKentoo Bridge requires:

  • iKentoo / Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series EPOS
  • The "iKentoo by Lightspeed" application installed on your iPad.
  • A HubRise account set up with the locations to connect. For more information about accounts and locations, see the HubRise User Guide.


iKentoo Bridge connects to a HubRise location. You must repeat the process below for each location you want to connect.

  1. Open your HubRise back office and click the down arrow

    Down arrow icon
    next to Location to select the location you want to connect. For help, check the HubRise User Guide > Accounts and Locations.

  2. Select CONNECTIONS > View available apps.

  3. Select iKentoo Bridge from the list of apps.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Allow iKentoo Bridge permission to access your location registered in HubRise. For accounts with multiple locations, expand the Choose location section to select the correct one and click on Allow. If you have multiple customer lists, you will also be prompted to confirm the one you wish to use.

  6. You will be redirected to the iKentoo Bridge user interface. Click Connect to iKentoo button.

  7. The first time you connect, you will be redirected to iKentoo login page. Specify your iKentoo Email and Password and click LOGIN.

  8. Once you are authorized in iKentoo, the Configuration page will appear.

    • In the Business location dropdown, select the iKentoo business location to connect.
    • Click Save.
  9. You have now connected your EPOS to your HubRise location.