Deals, Discounts and Charges


To create a deal, click on Deals > New deal and enter a name. Once the deal is created, you can add the details and relate it to one or more products.

  1. Enter a Ref code by typing directly in the ref code text box.
  2. Enter a Description by typing directly in the description text box.
  3. Add one or more Images of the deal by clicking on the + icon.
  4. Select a Category to which this deal belongs and within which it will be displayed online.
  5. Enter the details of the deal. This will vary for each deal. Within a Deal, products can have a Fixed price, a Percentage off, a Price off, and keep its price Unchanged.
  6. Select the products you want this deal to be related to by selecting Attach SKss. You need to specify products that are related to each line of the deal. Certain items can be associated an additional cost.

As an example, for a Buy One Get One FREE deal, you would enter one line item to represent the Buy One part of the deal. This will be set at its normal price by selecting Unchanged. You would then add a second line item to represent the Get One FREE part of the deal. Here you would enter a percentage off pricing effect of 100%. You can limit the choice of free item to only certain products by selecting them with the Attach SKUs feature in the Deal lines section.

Catalog Manager Deal Details

Another example would be a Three-course meal for £20. You will need three lines, one for the Appetiser, another for the Main dish, and the last one for the Dessert. The first item would be set to a £20 Fixed price. The two others would be set to £0. The choice of items available for each of the lines can be selected in the Deal lines section thanks to the Attach SKUs feature.


Discounts are simple percentage or amount discounts that can be applied on a total purchase, as opposed to a specific product item.

To create a discount, click on Discounts > New discount and enter a name. Once the discount is created, you can add the details.


Charges are flat fees that you can apply to a total purchase for things like delivery, fees, tips or other costs.

To create a charge, click on Charges > New charge and enter a name. Once the charge is created, you can add the details.

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