HubRise Data Model

Order Requests in HubRise

Data Model

All the orders received by HubRise are logged in the back office. For information on how to access the order logs, see HubRise Help, Data Logs.

The following keys can appear in a HubRise order request.

private_refThe internal ID for the order. It can be used to find an order.
service_typeThe type of service requested by the customer. Typical values are “delivery”, “collection”, “eat_in”.
service_type_refThe code associated with service_type in the EPOS system.
expected_timeThe date and time the customer expects to receive the order.
confirmed_timeThe delivery date and time confirmed by the sender. It can be specified in case this is different from the customer's expected delivery time.
statusThe status of the order. A few typical values are “new”, “accepted”, “received”, and “rejected”. For a complete list, see the Developers documentation.
totalThe amount paid by the customer.
coupon_codesThe coupon codes used by the customer.
customer_idThe unique customer ID. It can be used to fetch the customer's details from the database.
itemsThe list of items in the order. For more information on each item, see The Item Object.
paymentsThe list of payment methods used by the customer. For more information on each payment method, see The Payment Object.
dealsThe list of deals present in the order. A deal is a combination of products that have a discounted price when bought together.
discountsThe list of discount codes applied to the entire order. A discount is either a percentage or a fixed value that is discounted from the total price of the order.
loyalty_operationsThe list of operations applied to the customer's loyalty card. Each object in the list specifies the number of points added or removed and the reason.
chargesThe list of additional charges applied to the order. Typical cases could be delivery charges, payment fees, taxes, etc.

The Item Object

Each item object in the items list contains information about a product purchased by the customer. The following keys can appear in an order Item.

product_nameThe name of the product.
sku_nameThe sku name of the product, typically indicating the size or colour.
sku_refThe code associated with the product. It indicates the EPOS code.
priceThe price of a single product.
quantityThe quantity ordered.
subtotalThe total price of the product (price x quantity).
optionsThe optional changes (ingredients or toppings) associated with the product.
deal_lineIf the item is part of a deal, it indicates the information about the deal.
points_earnedThe points earned by the customer with this product. They are counted in the loyalty_operations objects.
points_usedThe points used by the customer with this product. They are counted in the loyalty_operations objects.

The Payment Object

The payments list contains the payment methods used by the customer. In typical cases, only one payment method is present per order. However, HubRise allows several payment methods simultaneously, for example when a customer pays an order partially with a gift card and partially online.

The following keys can appear in a payment object.

typeThe payment type. Can be cash or online.
nameThe name associated with the payment method.
infoThe additional information associated with the payment, which depends on the actual payment method. For example, a PayPal payment would include the email address associated with the account; for card payments, it contains all the details about the card.
refThe EPOS code associated with this payment type.
amountThe total amount paid by the customer.