Once HubRise is connected to Zelty and ref codes have been mapped, no further steps are needed. Your Zelty EPOS will automatically receive all orders sent to HubRise by other apps.

Receive Orders

When you receive a new order in your EPOS, a notification will appear, and the order will be available in the order list.

To view the order list:

  1. Navigate to Tableau de bord (Dashboard.)
  2. Click on Statistiques (Statistics).
  3. Select the Tickets tab (Ticket).

If you have correctly connected Zelty to HubRise and mapped all ref codes on other apps but orders are not automatically received, and you would like to investigate why, see Troubleshooting. You can also check logs for every transaction in HubRise. For more information, see the Logs section of the HubRise user guide.

Order Data

When the customer chooses to pay upon delivery or collection, no payment information should be sent to the Zelty EPOS, as doing so would close the transaction.

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