Map Ref Codes

After connecting your Zelty EPOS to your HubRise account, you can sync information between them. For it to work however, certain steps need to be taken. Items in the Zelty EPOS are identified by unique codes. When you set up other apps to connect via HubRise, you need to provide these codes.

Export the Catalog

Menus can be exported into HubRise for other connected apps to pull, if they offer this integration feature. Refer to the documentation of the other app on the HubRise website to verify.

There are two options available to export the menu from Zelty to HubRise and use it in other connected apps. You can export the entire menu, or a subset of your menu.

If the app you want to connect cannot import catalogs from HubRise, you might need to map product codes manually. For more information, see Products.

Export the Entire Menu

You can export the whole menu containing all the products. To export the entire menu:

  1. Go to the Zelty Marketplace.
  2. Click on HubRise.
  3. Select Gérer and Exporter ma carte vers HubRise from the dropdown which appears.
  4. Check the catalog import on HubRise. For more information on how to manage catalogs in HubRise, see our Catalog Guide.

Export a Subset of Your Menu

You can also export a subset of the menu to HubRise. It can be very useful if some items on your menu are not to be used by other apps connected to HubRise.

To export a subset of the menu, you need to create a catalogue (catalog). They are a subset of the entire menu. They are used to push a subset of your menu to food ordering platforms or other integrated solutions such as HubRise.

To create a catalog from your Zelty back office:

  1. Navigate to La Carte (Menu).
  2. Select Les catalogues (Catalogs).
  3. Click on the Créer un nouveau catalogue (Create a new catalog) button.

To export a subset of the menu:

  1. Go to Catalogues (Catalog).
  2. Next to the name of the catalog, click the down arrow and select Envoyer vers (Send to).
  3. Click on the HubRise button available under the heading Partenaires disponibles (Available partners).
  4. A message will indicate that the Le catalogue est en cours de transfert vers HubRise (the catalog is being sent to HubRise).
  5. Check the catalog import on HubRise. For more information on how to manage catalogs in HubRise, see our Catalog Guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zelty exports categories, products, options, pictures and deals into HubRise. Tags however are not exported.


If other apps connected to your HubRise account cannot use HubRise catalogs, you can export all ref codes in a CSV, or an Excel file format. The export includes ref codes for products, menus, and options, which you can manually enter in other systems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ref codes cannot be seen in the Zelty user interface. You can only see them in HubRise catalogs and in CSV/Excel menu exports.

To export the entire menu in an external file:

  1. Navigate to La Carte (Menu).
  2. Select Les Produits (Products).
  3. In the toolbar that appear on the far right, select Exporter la carte (Export the menu).
  4. Select the options you require, the format, and make sure the final option Export pour les plateformes externes (Export for external platforms) is selected.

Payment Methods

Your Zelty EPOS offers various payment methods, including cash and online payment as well as client account. It might be necessary to specify the corresponding payment method code for each payment method allowed in the system to connect via HubRise. You will need to ask Zelty for it.

Service Types

Each service type you provide (delivery, collection, eat-in) might need to be associated with the correct Zelty EPOS ref code on other apps connected to HubRise. The exact values of these codes depend on the particular setup of the restaurant. You will need ask Zelty for it.

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