Connect to HubRise

The connection between Zelty and HubRise can be done autonomously by the user.

Connect to Locations

In order to activate the connection between Zelty and HubRise:

  1. Navigate to MarketPlace on your Zelty back office.
  2. Select HubRise.
  3. Click Activer (Connect). You are directed to the HubRise interface.
  4. Find the location you are trying to connect and click on Allow to give Zelty access to your data.
  5. If you have multiple restaurants, each location should be connected to HubRise independently following the steps outlined above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You might need to log in to your existing HubRise account, or create a new HubRise account to complete the connection process. For more information on how to create a user profile or log in HubRise, see our Getting Started Guide.

Connection to HubRise


In order to disable the connection between Zelty and HubRise:

  1. On the Zelty backoffice, go to Marketplace.
  2. Select HubRise.
  3. Go to the Gérer (Manage) tab and click Désactiver (Disable).
  4. Confirm when prompted.
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