TicknCook is a Kitchen Display System (KDS). It digitalises restaurant receipts to facilitate the preparation of takeaway, delivery and dine-in orders. It displays orders and tracks the status of individual items on production screens available in the kitchen and at the counter. A specific delivery screen helps group orders and organise deliveries.

TicknCook optimises production and helps manage priorities and delays. The restaurant manager can analyse his results using the statistics screen. It works on any touch screen, TicknCook is above all ultra connected, easy to use, and offers a simple online installation.

Available in English and French, TicknCook offers a free trial period to let you test it without technical constraints or commercial agreement.

Integration Features

Connecting TicknCook to HubRise allows to:

  • Create a TicknCook account with a free trial period.
  • Receive orders in TicknCook.
  • Update order statuses in HubRise.

Why Connect?

Connecting TicknCook to HubRise allows you to receive orders directly in your production screen regardless of where they come from, your EPOS, your online ordering website, or the food delivery platforms you work with. Via a connected watch or beeper, you can also notify customers and waiters when a dish is ready to be served or when an order is ready to be delivered.


To establish a connection between TicknCook and HubRise, your restaurant must have a HubRise account.

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  • Availability: French and English
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