Connection to HubRise

IMPORTANT NOTE: TastyCloud cannot simultaneously have a connection with HubRise, and a direct connection to an EPOS. Once your TastyCloud website is connected to HubRise, your EPOS will necessarily be connected via HubRise. To see available EPOS solutions on HubRise, check our Apps page.

Follow these steps to connect TastyCloud to HubRise:

  1. If you have no HubRise Account, create one on the HubRise Registration page.
  2. Give permission to access your HubRise Account as Manager. For instructions, see Add a User Permission.
  3. Contact your TastyCloud support representative and share your HubRise Location name and unique identifier. For instance, Fast Pizza London (e34ss-8). They will assist you with the connection. You can refer them to the next section of this page if they need more information on the connection process.

At this stage, the connection of a HubRise Location to a TastyCloud website can only be performed by TastyCloud's support team, but users will soon be able to do it autonomously.

Instructions for TastyCloud support

Here is the process to connect a customer location:

  1. Open the HubRise authorization page for TastyCloud. You may check with the development team that the URL is correct.
  2. Select the HubRise location to connect, and click Allow.
  3. Send the displayed code to your development team, and ask them to generate an access token with it.
  4. Login to the TastyCloud back office.
  5. Select POS > Ajouter un restaurant.
  6. Select the restaurant to connect from a dropdown list.
  7. Select HubRise from the Logiciel de caisse dropdown list.
  8. Copy the access token your development team has sent.
  9. Save the settings.