Food Delivery Platforms

Integrating With Deliveroo

If you plan to integrate your PAR PixelPoint EPOS with Deliveroo, the ref codes on your EPOS must match those on Deliveroo.

To ensure a smooth integration between PixelPoint Windows API, HubRise, and Deliveroo, follow these steps:

  1. Update every item on your Deliveroo menu so that the ref codes match those in your PAR PixelPoint EPOS. To learn how to modify the ref codes on Deliveroo, see the Deliveroo documentation.
  2. Request a spreadsheet with your Deliveroo menu from your Deliveroo account manager.
  3. Send a copy of the spredsheet to Slowey Systems at They will check that all the ref codes on Deliveroo match those in your PAR PixelPoint EPOS, and they will contact you in case of errors.
  4. Correct any possible remaining mismatch in your Deliveroo menu before the integration goes live.
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