Connect to HubRise

The setup process for connecting PixelPoint Windows API to HubRise is typically performed by Slowey Systems, and is completely transparent to the user.


To set up the PixelPoint Windows API integration, follow these steps.

  • Create a C:\HubRise folder at the root level of the store server.
  • Copy all the relevant files needed for the connection inside this folder, including a configuration file called HubRise.ini.
  • Remove any token that might be present in the configuration file.
  • Run the HubRise.exe program. This will populate the token in the configuration file and create the store in the Slowey database. Then, it will connect the server with HubRise and start fetching orders.

Sample Configuration File

The following code shows a sample configuration file. The parameters are grouped under different sections, with the relative name in square brackets. A complete description of each section is given below.

[Restaurant]ID=1234[Sales Type]Delivery=1005Collection=1006Take Away=1002[Payment]DeliveryChargeNum=2482OpenProduct=2152ServiceCharge=2152MethodNum=1008RequestType=10[Settings]Token=Manual Accept=trueRefresh Interval=20Clear Hours=3QA=0Temp=c:\tempFtp= IP=slowey.cloudapp.netDatasource=SQLEXPRESSDateTime Format=dd/MM


In the section named Restaurant, only the ID parameter must be specified. This is the identification code of the restaurant in the Slowey database.

Sales Type

This section lists all the sales types offered by the store. The actual names and values of the parameters may vary and are specified in the PAR PixelPoint EPOS. Typical values for sales types are in the 1000-1010 range.

To retrieve these values, follow these steps.

  • Open the PixelPoint back office program, Systemset.exe.
  • Open the Administrator menu.
  • Select Sales Type Setup.
  • Copy each value in the configuration file.


The Payment section lists all the parameters for the payments configuration. Their values must match those in the POS.

To retrieve the value for MethodNum, follow these steps.

  • Open the PixelPoint back office program, Systemset.exe.
  • Open the Administrator menu.
  • Select Payment Method Setup.
  • Copy the value in the configuration file.


The following table describes the parameters present in the settings section.

Parameter Name
TokenThe unique API token assigned to the store by HubRise. It is auto populated when the store server establishes its first connection with the Slowey server.
Manual AcceptThis parameter has two possible values. When it is set to false, any incoming order is automatically accepted by the POS. When it is set to true, each order has to be manually accepted by the store manager. In this case, a separate application must be used to review and accept incoming orders.
Clear HoursIf an order is older than the Clear Hours offset, it is removed from HubRise.
Refresh IntervalThe number of seconds PixelPoint Windows API must wait before checking again for new orders on HubRise.
TempThe local folder where JSON requests coming from HubRise are saved and converted to XML.
FtpThe FTP address of the Slowey server.
External IPThe IP address of the Slowey server.
DatasourceThe Slowey System server settings.
DateTime FormatThe date format settings.
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