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Food Report offers decision support tools for traditional and fast food restaurants. It presents as a dashboard with more than 10 key indicators.

Its cloud user interface, connected to software solutions used in the restaurant, helps to observe the whole commercial activity in real time and analyse it in order to make the right decisions. Thanks to Food Report you can follow orders in progress, sales by staff members, most popular products, the number of customers progress and the average basket, the margin, the product catalog with stock variations and cost the related cost of materials.

OrderLine is available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Integration Features

Connecting Food Report to HubRise allows your data analysis solution to:

  • Pull orders from HubRise.
  • Pull customer information from HubRise.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Pulling the product catalog from HubRise is possible will be supported in the future. Contact Food Report for more information.

Food Report can be connected to HubRise via the Food Report support line.

Why Connect?

Connecting Food Report to HubRise allows you to pull orders and customer information from your EPOS, your online ordering solution, or food delivery platforms used into Food Report.

Thanks to HubRise, synchronise your menu, your customer and order information with your EPOS, online ordering, food delivery platforms (including Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat), delivery management, delivery services, eMarketing (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, stock management, loyalty systems, and more. The number of compatible applications increases every month. To see which apps you can connect, see our Apps page.


To establish a connection between Food Report and HubRise, you must have an existing Food Report account.

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