Map Ref Codes

eTakeaway Max expects all incoming orders to contain specific ref codes for each sku, option, and deal present. You must ensure that all connected apps use the correct ref codes if you want your orders to be correctly processed.

This page explains how to find the ref codes in the eTakeaway Max back office.

Some connected apps offer the ability to import the catalog directly from HubRise, and therefore to autopopulate the ref codes. To learn how to export your eTakeaway Max catalog to HubRise, see Pushing the Catalog.


To find the ref codes for your products, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your eTakeaway Max back office with your store manager account.

  2. From the main dashboard, select Menu > Products. eTakeaway Max dashboard for store managers

  3. From the list of products, see the Reference column to find the ref codes for your products. eTakeaway Max products page for store managers

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