Connection to HubRise

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't already have a HubRise account, start by registering on the HubRise Signup Page. It only takes a minute!

Enable HubRise on eTakeaway Max

To enable HubRise on your eTakeaway Max EPOS, you need to contact eTakeaway Max support team. Include in the email recipients.

If you have already created your HubRise account, include your HubRise location ID in your email. Otherwise, eTakeaway Max will create a HubRise account for you and provide you with the required credentials to connect.

Connect Other Apps

Once the HubRise integration is enabled, you can connect other apps, such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Just Eat. To see which apps you can connect, check our Apps page.

If you need support, contact the eTakeaway Max team.

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