Glossary of Terms


This Glossary of Terms provides terminology and spelling decisions taken by the HubRise technical writing team and translators. It should be used to maximise linguistic consistency throughout the documentation.

General Information

By default, terms in this glossary are presented in lower case. However, well-known expressions in the restaurant and retail industries will be capitalised.

Terms will also be capitalised when it refers to an official title or name, something that can be or is trademarked or copyrighted, or the name of something unique in the universe.

Available acronyms have been included in brackets.

EN TermFR TermDefinition
accountcompteThe business or brand, which contains one or more locations. Use Account to refer to a HubRise record, while account is a generic account.
back officeback officePreferred spelling for this term. In two words, without hyphenation to join them. Use back office rather than backend.
billing cyclecycle de facturationBilling cycles in HubRise are a month in duration, and starts on the same calendar day as when the account is created.
beeperbipeursA small carried or worn on the body, that vibrates or make a sound to inform the person about an event.
click and collectvente à emporter (VAE)An online purchase collected at a chosen location, rather than delivered at home.
clientclientEnd users of the HubRise solution are clients. It is not to be confused with customer.
cloudcloudPreferred spelling for this term. No capitalisation. No need to refer to cloud-based system as we often see it.
connectionconnexionApps are connected to HubRise, not added or integrated.
credit cardcarte de paiementPreferred spelling for this term. No hyphenation to join the two terms.
customerclientBuyers, retailers and restaurants are customers. In a restaurant, it refers to a person who buys food. It should not be confused with client, which refers to HubRise paying users.
dashboardtableau de bordPage used for information management and business intelligence. It organises, stores, and displays important information from multiple data sources into one, easy to access place.
dealspromotionA deal provides a price reduction on either an Order Product or Products. For instance, Buy One Get One Free is a deal that applies to two Products. It applies to two Products to provide a price reduction equal to the price of the cheapest Product.
delivery managementgestion de livraisonIs used to manage a delivery fleet. It can be referred to as delivery management system and delivery management solution.
discountpromotionDiscount codes apply savings to the overall order rather than specific products. For example, FREEDELIVERY to remove the delivery fee for the entire order, or FRIDAY would provide a 10% discount to the entire order on Friday.
drive-throughWhere and app includes features needed to offer a service by driving through it, without needing to get out of your car.
e-commercee-commercePreferred spelling for this term.
e-marketinge-marketingPreferred spelling for this term.
emailemailPreferred spelling for this term. To be written in one word, no hyphenation.
delivery management solutionsolution de gestion de livreursSolutions that uses an intelligent algorithm to help manage deliveries, including traffic data, deadlines, and driver availability.
food ordering and delivery platformplateforme de livraison de repas à domicilePreferred alternative to food aggregators. For short, food ordering platform might be used.
hospitalitycafés hôtels restaurants (CHR)Service industry that includes hotels, restaurants and bars.
IDIDThe abbreviation ID refers to an identifier. Always capitalised.
internetinternetPreferred spelling for this term. No use of systematic capitalisation.
iPadiPadPreferred spelling for this term.
Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)Écran d'Affichage CuisineApp used to displays order tickets to the kitchen. It is generally connected to the EPOS.
locationpoint de venteLocations are the different locations of the same business or brand. Locations are always attached to an account. When using the term, Locations refers to the HubRise record, while location is a generic location.
log inconnexionWhen referring to the action, it is two words: "Log in to HubRise". When referring to the noun, it is one word: "Open the login page."
log outdéconnexionWhen referring to the action, it is two words: "Log out of HubRise". When referring to the noun, it is one word: "Open the logout page."
loyalty managementgestion de fidélitéApp used to manage customer loyalty programs and incentives to buy more.
MyOrderBoxMyOrderBoxNot My Order Box as we sometimes see it on the web.
navigation panelbarre de navigationThe left hand panel with the links to Dashboard, Connections, etc.
online ordering (OLO)commande en ligneSystem used to place orders online. It can be referred to as online ordering website and online ordering system.
OrderLordOrderLordNot Orderlord as we sometimes see it on the web.
pay at the tablepaiement à tablePay at the table apps are used by restaurants for customers to share the bill and pay autonomously.
planformuleA monthly cost per location associated with a usage threshold in number or orders or customers per month. Locations generally have a "free plan" (up to 50 customers or orders per month) and a "paying plan" (advertised as "unlimited" but technically limited to 10,000 customers or orders per month to prevent abuse).
Point Of Sale (EPOS)caisse enregistreuseRetail shops and restaurants use EPOS solutions to record each sale when it happens. It generally manages inventory and runs reports based on sales information, which allows improved decision making about ordering and merchandising.
public APIAPI publiqueThe publicly available HubRise application programming interface (API) provides developers with programmatic access to our proprietary software application.
requestrequèteA transaction between an app and HubRise.
user profileprofil utilisateurThe user in HubRise refers to anyone with back office access to an Account or a specific Location. To avoid confusion, we should never use account instead of user in the technical documentation.
websitesite internetPreferred spelling for this term.
Wi-FiWi-FiPreferred spelling for this term.