Uber Eats is an online ordering and food delivery platform part of Uber Technologies, Inc. It is present in more than 30 countries around the world.

Restaurants can benefit from Uber Eats large pool of customers to grow their business and find new clients. At the same time, they can concentrate on what they do best (preparing food) while letting Uber Eats take care of the logistics of food delivery.

Integration Features

Uber Eats connects to your HubRise account through Uber Eats Bridge, an app developed by HubRise.

Connecting Uber Eats to HubRise allows to:

  • Push Uber Eats orders to HubRise.
  • Push customer information to HubRise, for orders delivered by your team.

Diagram of the connection flow between Uber Eats, Uber Eats Bridge, and HubRise

IMPORTANT NOTE: Product catalog and product availability cannot currently be synchronised, but HubRise is planning to release this feature in early 2021.

Why Connect?

Connecting your Uber Eats online restaurant to HubRise allows you to receive Uber Eats orders directly to your EPOS connected with HubRise. You will be able to manage Uber Eats orders seamlessly from your existing setup, as you would do with all the other orders.


To establish a connection between Uber Eats and HubRise, your restaurant must be a Uber Eats partner. You should also have a HubRise account set up.

  • Category: Food Ordering Platforms
  • Availability: 30+ countries
  • Website: https://www.ubereats.com/
  • Contact: eats-partner-tech-support@uber.com