App4 is an online ordering system that lets restaurant customers place orders from their browser, from an app, or from their table. It provides a host of benefits to restaurants such as loyalty programs and table booking.

From its back office, restaurants can manage multiple aspects of their business, including the restaurant's menu and delivery options as well as its marketing strategy and ensure it is paying off thanks to reports.


To establish a connection between App4 and HubRise, you must have an existing App4 site. If you don't have an App4 site yet, go to the App4 Contact Us page and arrange for one.

Integration Features

The connection between App4 and HubRise supports the following:

  • Import a menu from HubRise.
  • Export orders to HubRise.
  • Export customer information to HubRise.

Why Connect?

Connecting App4 to HubRise provides access to an ever expanding ecosystem of apps. Via HubRise, you will be sharing customers between different apps, export or import your menu between platforms, and track your orders through one interface. For more information, see the HubRise User Guide.

  • Category: Online ordering for restaurants
  • Price range: From £40 per week
  • Website: https://www.app4.co.uk
  • Contact: info@goapp4.com / +44 1332 742511