Branding Guidelines

If you are integrated with our ecosystem you can refer to HubRise in your corporate website, your back office and other marketing materials that you might have. To help, we prepared a few images for you to download as well as HubRise descriptions you can adapt and reuse.

Logos and other graphical elements

Download high-quality versions of our logos and icons here.

The primary logo has a transparent background. The two logos with a coloured background can be used as a secondary option when the logo with a transparent background is not suitable.

Present HubRise to your customers

Two descriptions are available, one short, the other long, in English and French. They can be adapted and reused when referring to your integration with HubRise. They summarise in a few words what we do and how we can help your customers.

Description in English

Short description (<50 words):

HubRise helps you connect [Integrated App's Name] to the apps you use to run your business. Receive orders in your EPOS, send deliveries to your courier service, synchronise customers with your e-marketing lists, connect your digital loyalty card, and a whole lot more... Make your integration dreams come true.

Long description (<200 words):

HubRise is a middleware used to facilitate technical integrations between third party solutions. Transactions are saved in HubRise to provide apps with real-time access to your product catalogue, your customer data or your orders.

Thanks to its integration with HubRise, [Integrated App's Name] can connect to an ever growing ecosystem of solutions: Point Of Sale, online ordering, delivery management, delivery services, eMarketing (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, stock management, loyalty systems, and more. The number of compatible applications increases every month.

If the app you want to use is not yet in the ecosystem, you can contact HubRise, who will contact the publisher to plan an integration. You can also create your own integrations thanks to HubRise's public and open API.

The HubRise back office provides an overview of all the data flows exchanged and, in the event of any problem, lets you check the status of each transaction and troubleshoot accordingly.

Description in French

Short description (<50 words):

HubRise connecte [Nom de l'App intégrée] aux solutions que vous utilisez tous les jours. Recevez vos commandes dans votre logiciel de caisse, transmettez les livraisons à votre transporteur, synchronisez vos clients avec vos listes e-marketing, connectez votre carte de fidélité digitale, et bien plus encore... Réalisez tous vos rêves d'intégration.

Long description (<200 words):

HubRise est un middleware qui facilite les intégrations techniques entre solutions tierces. Les transactions sont enregistrées dans HubRise pour permettre aux applications de partager en temps réel votre catalogue de produits, votre fichier clients ou vos commandes.

Grâce à son intégration HubRise, [Nom de l'App intégrée] peut se connecter à un écosystème de solutions : logiciels de caisse, solution de gestion de livreurs, services de livraison, solutions eMarketing (SMS / eMailing), business intelligence, systèmes de gestion de stock et de fidélisation client. Le nombre d'applications compatibles augmente chaque mois. Si l'application que vous souhaitez utiliser ne figure pas encore dans l'écosystème, vous pouvez contacter HubRise, qui prendra contact avec l'éditeur en vue d'une intégration. L'API publique et ouverte de HubRise vous permet également de créer vos propres intégrations.

Le back office de HubRise donne accès à l'ensemble des flux échangés, et permet en cas de problème de vérifier le statut de chaque transaction.